Our Qualities


High-performance and extremely strong flightcases

Protecting your equipment is our priority. Looking for a flight case to transport or storage your goods? Avoid damage and travel safe with Dcase, we offer top-notch quality solutions. No stress, our transport cases are safe and sound.  

We listen and work together

To find the appropriate solution we listen and communicate; What kind of materials or gear do you want to store? How frequently do you wish to transport your equipment? ... These are just some questions we ask to take your needs into account. Due to our years of experience, we have the knowledge to assist you.

Strong and sturdy

Dcase has 1 priority! Protecting your gear. The Dcase super power? Satisfied customers and their experience. Our clients can confirm that our flight cases last for years.

Dcase represents Quality

First class flight cases and excellent partnerships

Custom-made solutions

Discover our endless range of possibilities. We solve your problem

Dcase is a Belgian SME with one goal: protecting your delicate equipment. With over 15 years experience Dcase always guarantees solid solutions. We focus on the design and production of quality transport cases. Our aspiration? Happy customers with quality cases to storage or transport their gear. Would you like to collaborate with Dcase? Then let's talk and we will draw up the first blueprint of your flightcase. Work with Dcase and be amazed by our problem-solving service.

Case design

Together with the Dcase designers we'll go through all your needs and demands. We won't stop until we find the perfect solution.


Dcase is an in-house manufacturing company. This means that we have the ability to produce and adapt quick and efficient. So, are you looking for a partner that can build one or multiple flightcases? No need to search any further, Dcase delivers Belgian top quality products. Custom-made transport or storage cases that meet the highest requirements.

Milling work

Dcase is known for milling in various materials. We mill wood, plastic, rigid foam, trespa, ... Did you know that Dcase has reinforced the 5 CNC milling machines with a digital cutting machine? From now on, we can easily cut carpet, cardboard, rigid foam, ...

Spraying booth

We have a high-quality spraying booth. Do you require a nice colour on your milling work? Then it's our pleasure to be of service. Note that we only work with water-based paint.

Custom foam set

Do you need additional protection? We also provide customized foam sets. Our CNC milling machines process various types of foam. That's why we are able to offer you various applications and solutions. Some examples: suitcase interiors, packaging foam, foam overlays, etc.


Recommended - standard range of flightcases


TC + Dividers 1200x600x615

530,00 €
VAT Excl.

TC + Dividers 1200x600x815

580,00 €
VAT Excl.

TC + Dividers 800x600x615

480,00 €
VAT Excl.

Looking for a custom-made flightcase?

In addition to our range of standard transport cases, we also offer solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. But did you know Dcase has a database of more than 7,000 product references? So don't hesitate to contact us! We have a wide range of products and offer custom-made solutions.