About Dcase

Our journey began in the sound and light industry. Dcase then grew into a manufacturing company of flight cases. Yes, even your industry can make use of our services!


Impeccable protection for your valuable equipment 

Our flightcases are recommended by many known brands and companies.

Our values

We listen and work together with you! We offer solutions based on creative and innovative designs.


Family culture

Dcase has a strong and close-knit team of 18 employees. With Dries overseeing it all, we aim for perfection. We will surely blow you away with our enthousiasm and passion. Discover a team that works hard and efficient, communicates smoothly and has endless creativity. What more do you need?

We build strong relationships with our customers

We are happy to listen to your needs and preferences. We'll take the time to disscuss everything thoroughly in detail. Contact us by mail, phone or meet us at our office.

Clever Design

After our meeting, you will receive a free quote and a blueprint. Choosing Dcase means choosing a realiable and dynamic partner. Discover our custom-made cases or choose out of a wide range of standard flightcases. Our designs are not only innovative, they are also recyclable. So yes indeed, the perfect solution may already exist. Still in need of a custom-made case? Then trust our creative designers. They switch gears where necessary and follow up on your project meticulously.

Durable solutions

Dries, the founder of Dcase, still works behind the scenes himself. With an eye for quality, he makes sure his passion stays alive. We insist on multiple quality controls: an initial check after CNC, at assembly and also after finishing a project. No product leaves the Dcase workshop without a triple check!

In-house expertise, discover our team

A team of designers and a production staff with tons of know-how. We take pride in our work, it shows in our products!

Dcase is active in various industries

From a passion for the sound and lighting sector, we have grown into a casebuilder that appeals to many sectors.


Sound and light

Because of Dries' experience with sound and light, he knows perfectly what this sector needs.

Your Industry

We are certain that any industry can make use of our services. No doubt you have important material, equipment to store, protect and transport... Ever thought about a custom flight case? Looking for custom milling work? Then we can surely also assist!

IT and telecommunication

Dcase is distributor of Peli™ Cases. And that's precisely why we make custom foams. These inlays are ideal for walkie-talkies, laptops, computers, ...


Sensitive medical equipment better be well protected and that's our business!


We don't know of any rental company that enjoys getting damaged products back? Whether it's catering, party equipment, electronic equipment, ... With your Dcase flightcase, there is no risk. Protect and move your gear with confidence.

Trade show booth construction

A trade show booth is expensive and can quickly add up in price. Obviously you want to protect it, transport it safely and store it efficiently. With a custom-made transport case, you'll roll right in and out.


Our catering cases are known in different industries. You can use them on a film set, in the dressing rooms of a theater, at a trade show, ... In short, snacks and drinks are always close at hand with our easily movable catering cases.


Everyone needs a toolcase! The Dcase toolcases are put together with quality in mind Looking for a practical toolcase with drawers and/or a worktop? We regularly make professional toolcases for the sound and light industry, rental industry and so on. What are you waiting for?