We have been around for over 15 years! Dcase gradually evolved and continued to grow. Today, we have a diverse range of flightcases for different industries.

Dries, our founder, has a tremendous passion for music, sound and light. With his knowledge and experience in the industry he quickly realised that there was a need. He noticed the increasing demand for solid cases, flightcases to store equipment. In addition people often asked for custom-made cases.

Dries didn't hesitate and reacted. His workshop at home became a place to build and think out his ideas. Ant that is where the first custom-made Dcase wooden cases were build. With succes Dries' vision came to life: building quality flightcases.

In 2007 Dries founded Dcase. He invested in machines, assembled a team and got to business. Our company was booming. So in 2014 we decided that we needed a bigger space. No sooner said than done, we moved to the industrial zone in Ypres. In 2019, we built a brand new workshop and a new office complex.

What can you expect from Dcase?

After our first conversation you can expect a reliable product presentation in the form of a 2D drawing.

We replaced our manual with 5 CNC router machines.

We are able to design and assemble 3000 flight cases a year. Making Dcase thé expert in building cases.

To find the appropriate solution we listen and communicate with our customers. Trust Dcase, we have the knowledge to assist you!

Our core activities are building flightcases, easycases and milling. Do not underestimate us! We are a dynamic and versatile company. it makes us unique and that is why Dcase is active in so many industries.

No challenge is too big for us. Whether you are looking for cases that ensure maximum protection during the shipment of your goods, a demo case, a flightcase to store medical equipment, milling work in wood or foam, ... Our applications are endless.

What do we guarantee? An experienced Team, efficient work, and in-house production with high quality standards.

Looking for a partner for just one flight case or multiple professional cases?
We manufacture custom cases tailored to your needs. If you are looking for top notch quality, custom-made Belgian flightcases... Then there is only one place, it's Dcase!

Dcase is an official distributor of Peli™ Cases. Peli™ is the worldwide leader in protector cases with a lifetime guarantee. 

Our core business is building flightcases. For simple and complex projects, from small to larger quantities, please feel free to ask anything. Dcase does not shy away from any challenge!